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Welding Cable Specifications

35mm Welding Cable

35mm Welding Cable

  • Brand Name: HuaDong Cable
  • Name: 35mm welding cable
  • Conductor: Fully annealed stranded bare copper
  • Jacket: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
  • Temperature: -40°C to 90°C
  • Voltage: 600 volt
  • Email: huadong@hdcablegroup.com
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What is 35mm Welding Cable ?

35mm Welding Cable is made from stranded bundles of copper wire tightly packed and insulated. The wire stranding gives the cable more flexibility and resistance to wear, while the insulation (typically EPDM or Neoprene rubber) adds additional protection against the harsh environments found in welding applications and is more flexible than PVC or other rubber coatings.

35mm Welding Cable Features

Double Insulated
Highly Flexible
Meter Marked
Abrasion Resistant Outer Layer

35mm Welding Cable Applications:

Secondary voltage resistance welding leads
Power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts A.C.
Battery Cable
35mm Welding Cable are durable and flexible and are a popular choice for entertainment or stage lighting cables, lighting and sound systems, and communication vans. They can also function as battery cables for cars, inverter cables, and as a more cost-effective alternative to pendant (or reeling) cable on hoists and cranes.

35mm Welding Cable why choose HuaDong?

Huadong Cable Group as a special welding cable factory in China, We not only have over 30 years of production experience and 15 years of export experience in welding cable, but also we have 15 senior engineers, they can free design the 35mm Welding Cable size according to client’s requirement. 
Our 35mm Welding Cable export such as South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Yemen, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Botswana,Nigeria, Panama, Iran etc.High quality service and production are the first choice of many customers.


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Any cable inquiry please feel free to contact us.