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Bare Conductor

Our bare conductor main include ACSR conductor 、AAAC Conductor 、AAC Conductor and Galvanized Steel Wire. Now I will introduce them one by one.

What is ACSR conductor:

ACSR conductor is short for aluminum conductor steel reinforced ,  is mainly used in some power industry and transmission lines of the industry, its structure is the use of a single layer of aluminum wire through a number of special processes to be processed. So what is the main application of this product? ACSR conductor is mainly used in some high-voltage lines. If the length of the route is very limited, and there's no way to separate a lot of routes,then we can use this product, and can play a line to act as a means of many lines.

Our main ACSR conductor include:


What is AAAC Conductor

AAAC Conductor has good corrosion resistance, however due to the absence of steel, its resistance is lower than ACSR. AAAC can carry 15-20% extra current and has a higher life span (60 years) as compared to ACSR of equal size (30 years). The surface hardness of AAAC is 80 BHN while ACSR has hardness 35 BHN. This reduces damage to the surface during handling, thereby leading to lesser corona losses and ratio interference at EHV. AAAC can be operated with stable temperature of 85°C against ACSR conductors which are stable upto 75°C. Since AAAC has higher strength-to-weight ratio, span can be increased by 2-15% resulting in overall reduction of cost in tower supports and other accessories in the transmission line system.
Our main AAAC Conductor include:


What is AAC Conductor:

Aluminium Alloy Conductor ( AAC) is made up of one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 aluminum alloy. These conductors are used in low, medium and high voltage overhead lines. AAC has seen extensive use in urban areas where spans are usually short but high conductivity us required. The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminium has made AAC a conductor of choice in coastal areas. Because of its relatively poor strength to weight ratio, AAC had limited use in transmission lines and rural distribution because of long spans utilized.
Our main AAC Conductor include:


What is Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized Steel Wire is steel that has been dipped in a zinc coating, which gives it good corrosion-resistant qualities. But even with the addition of zinc, It is weaker than stainless steel because of the presence of chromium, making the cable stronger and more tolerant of corrosive elements like saltwater. Galvanized steel cable will rust and corrode if salty wet conditions are present. But unlike stainless steel, galvanized steel cable will not weld together if in contact with one another, as is true with stainless steel cable.

Our main Galvanized Steel Wire include:


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Bare Conductor

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