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ACSR Conductor Animal Names

acsr moose conductor

ACSR Moose Conductor

  • Brand Name: HuaDong Cable
  • Product Name:acsr moose conductor
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum And Steel
  • Standard: IEC, BS, ICEA, ASTM, DIN and other standards
  • Application: Overhead, Overhead Transmission
  • Email: huadong@hdcablegroup.com
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What is ACSR Moose Conductor?

ACSR moose conductor is one of the specification of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. It is the code name of ACSR-BS215 standards. Its nominal aluminum area is 500 mm2. ACSR moose conductor compose of 54 aluminum and 7 steels. Their diameters are both 3.53 mm. Then the overall diameter is 31.77 mm. We can know the total sectional area is 597.20 mm2. After final cabling, the total linear mass should be 1999 kg/km. Expect from these basic acsr moose conductor specification, there are some professional data. For example, the calculated D.C resistance is 0.547 Ω/km at ℃. Calculated breading load is 16110 daN. When the acsr moose conductor are working, the current rating is 763 A.
Moose Conductor as a material for electrical conductors has greatly developed mainly due to its electrical properties. However, Aluminium conductors for most of transmission lines which spans are quite long, it is necessary an additional mechanical support. Commonly it is used galvanized steel wires for cores of acsr moose conductor.

What is the characteristics of acsr moose conductor ?

The inner core of acsr moose conductor is stranded steel, so the conductor has high tensile strength. And the external aluminum is light. That means the acsr moose conductor can cover a long span with less support. So if the overhead wire needs to cross the river and valley, many people will think of acsr moose firstly.

What is the specification of acsr moose conductor ?

Code name ACSR Moose Conductor
Nominal aluminum area mm 2 500
Stranding structure Al. No. 54
Al. Dia. 3.53
St. No. 7
St. Dia 3.53
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2 528.7
Total sectional area mm 2 597.2
Overall diameter mm 31.77
  kg/km 1999
Calculated breaking load daN 16110
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km 0.0547
Current Rating A 763


What is the construction of ACSR Moose Conductor?

ACSR Moose Conductor is concentrically stranded conductor with one or more layers of Aluminium wire hard-drawn 1350-H19 on the galvanized steel wire core. The core may be single wire or stranded depending on the size. Steel wire is available in Class A or B galvanization as corrosion protection.
ACSR Moose Conductor is according to electrical and mechanical strength requirements of transmission or distribution lines, can provides an appropriate design combining the quantity of Aluminium and galvanized steel wires.

What is the application of ACSR Moose Conductor?

ACSR Moose Conductor is widely used as bare cable for overhead transmission lines and also as primary and secondary bare cable for distribution lines.

ACSR Moose Conductor why choose HuaDong?

As a professional acsr moose conductor manufacturer, HuaDong has over 30 years of production experience and 15 years of export experience.Our acsr moose conductor export such as South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Yemen, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Botswana,Nigeria, Panama, Iran etc.High quality service and production are the first choice of many customers.

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