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ACSR Conductor Animal Names

acsr zebra conductor

ACSR Zebra Conductor

  • Brand Name: HuaDong Cable
  • Product Name:acsr zebra conductor
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum And Steel
  • Standard: IEC, BS, ICEA, ASTM, DIN and other standards
  • Application: Overhead, Overhead Transmission
  • Email: huadong@hdcablegroup.com
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What is acsr zebra conductor ?

ACSR zebra conductor belongs to ACSR-BS215. There is common point with acsr moose conductor. They all consist of 54 aluminum and 7 steels. But other acsr zebra conductor specification is totally different from the moose conductor. The diameter of aluminum and steel is the same. They are 3.18 mm. From the calculation, We can know the overall diameter is 28.62 mm. Then total sectional area is 484.50 mm2, and sectional area of aluminum is 428.90 mm2. The weight is also a simple test, total linear mass should be 1621 kg/km. Then its calculated breaking load is 13190 daN. When the acsr zebra conductor is working, the current rating is 635 A. At 20 ℃, the calculated D.C resistance is 0.0674 Ω/km.

What is the specification of acsr zebra conductor ?

Code name acsr zebra conductor
Nominal aluminum area mm 2 400
Stranding structure Al. No. 54
Al. Dia. 3.18
St. No. 7
St. Dia 3.18
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2 428.9
Total sectional area mm 2 484.5
Overall diameter mm 28.62
Total kg/km 1621
Calculated breaking load daN 13190
Calculate D.C resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km 0.0674

What is the application of acsr zebra conductor?

As we all know, acsr zebra conductor has the simple structure, which means easy maintenance. And aluminum is the main raw material of acsr zebra conductor, so it has relatively low price and large transmission capacity.
What’s more, acsr zebra conductor can be easy to suit the laying of special geographical conditions such as rivers and valley. So it is widely used in overhead transmission. And owing to this conductor has high tensile strength and light weight, acsr zebra conductor is suitable to cover extra-long spans with fewer support.

ACSR zebra conductor why choose HuaDong?

As a professional acsr zebra conductor manufacturer, HuaDong has over 30 years of production experience and 15 years of export experience.Our acsr zebra conductor export such as South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Yemen, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Botswana,Nigeria, Panama, Iran etc.High quality service and production are the first choice of many customers.

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