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Duplex URD Cable

What is Duplex URD Cable

Duplex URD Cable underground electrical wire may be used for underground secondary distribution and service entrance applications at 600 volts or less. They may be either directly buried or installed in ducts (lower allowable ampacity), in either wet or dry locations. Underground Secondary Distribution Cables are especially suited for applications requiring superior resistance to abrasion, scoring and crushing. Ampacities are for non code complying installations.

Duplex URD Cable Features:

Permitted for 600-volt applications
Superior weather-, abrasion-, crush- and sunlight-resistant XLPE insulation
Suitable for wet, damp and dry locations
Permitted for direct burial
Not for use in buildings per NEC
UL Listed

Duplex URD Cable Construction :

Concentric stranded or compressed 1350-H19 aluminum conductor, crosslinked polyethylene insulation.
Insulated conductors surface printed, neutral triple yellow striped. Black neutrals may be specified if desired

Duplex URD Cable Specifications:

Code Name Phase Conductor Neutral Duplex Phase Conductor(in) Outside diameter(in) Weight Per 1000ft (lbls) Ampacity
Size AWG Strand Insulation Thickness (mls) Size AWG Strand Insulation Thickness (mls) Direct Burial In Duct
Bard 8 7/w 60 8 7/w 60 0.262 0.524 76 70 70
Claflin 6 7/w 60 6 7/w 60 0.299 0.596 91 95 70
Delgado 4 7/w 60 4 7/w 60 0.345 0.69 129 125 90
Everett 2 7/w 60 2 7/w 60 0.403 0.806 189 187 100


More details Duplex URD Cable all in :

  • 8-8 bard duplex urd cable (direct burial
  • 6-6 claflin duplex urd cable (direct burial
  • 4-4 delgado duplex urd cable (direct burial

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