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Galvanized Steel Wire

What is Galvanized Steel Wire

A layer of zinc that covers the galvanized steel wire rope from Stanke serves as a protective coat. Hot-dip galvanization protects the structure from corrosion and rapid wear up to even 50 years! Even if the coating is mechanically damaged, the surface is still protected by the proximity to the nearby zinc. The cover itself is thin and transparent (its average thickness is 70 to 150 micrometers), yet extremely durable and effective.
Zinc coated ropes are widely used in heavy industry, fisheries, transport and construction. A specific application is dependent on rope construction, as it stands in the case of stainless steel cables. Nevertheless, they are extremely robust and compared to ropes made of ordinary steel, galvanized steel wire ropes are characterized by a much higher resistance to external factors.

Galvanized Steel Wire Specifications

Material: low carbon steel wire.
Surface treatment: electrical galvanized and hot dipped galvanized.
Wire diameter: 0.7–7.0 mm.
Zinc coating
Electrical galvanized: min. 10 g/m2
Common hot dipped galvanized: 20–110 g/m2
Heavy hot dipped galvanized: 110–366 g/m2

Our main Galvanized Steel Wire include

Galvanized Steel Wire Application

Galvanized steel wire ropes are widely used in many applications such as surface and underground mining, excavation, tramway, elevator, oil and gas, marine and electrical constructions.
- Mining
- Excavation
- Tramway
- Elevator

Differences between Galvanized Steel wire, Stainless Steel, and other Metals

Occasionally switching from mild carbon/low carbon steel to another metal that does not rust such as stainless steel or aluminum is not an option simply because of the difference in cost: Economically a substitution doesn’t make sense. Aluminum is more expensive than steel, and stainless steel is a lot more expensive that aluminum. Moreover steel might have certain physical characteristics, such as strength or weight that prohibits a switching for a specific application. The next option is to protect the steel with a physical barrier such as paint or a coating — this is what galvanizing does best.

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