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LiHH Cable

What is LiHH Cable

LiHH Cable are multicore low smoke zero halogen and flame retardant unscreened flexible data transmission control cables. They are used in indoor industrial applications with a voltage rating of up to 350V, including data transmission and signal transfer in measuring and control equipment located in areas where the emission of toxic fumes could pose a risk to human life or equipment in the event of a fire. Their small dimensions make them ideal for applications such as electronic control in computers and audio systems. LiHH cables can be used in flexible (operating temperature range of 5℃ to 70℃) and fixed installations (operating temperature range of -40℃ to +70℃) under low mechanical and tensile stress.

LiHH Cable Technical data:

Cable type: Control / signal cable
Operating voltage: 300/300V
Test voltage: ≤ 0,34mm2 1200 V
≥ 0,5 mm2 1500 V
Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ x km
Capacity: (at 800Hz):
Inductivity: 0,65 mH/km
Min. bending radius (flexible connections): 10 x Ø
Min. bending radius (fixed installations): 5 x Ø
Operating temperature:
Fixed installation: -40℃ do 80℃
Flexible connections: -5℃ do 80℃
Installation details:
Indoor cable
Min. installation temperature: -5℃
Environmental resistance:
Flame retardance on a single wire
Flame retardance on a bunched wires
LOI >29

LiHH Cable Application

Flexible equipment and control cables LiHH type are being used in electronics, specially along with electric current of approximately value of mill ampere. They are intended for connection in measuring, control and regulation techniques. Besides that, they are used for wiring of telecommunication equipment and equipment for data processing.

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